Classic Mixology: Cocktail & Mixed Drink Recipes

Black Stripe

1 tea-spoon molasses

Ingredient: molasses

What it is:  Additive
Byproduct of the processing of sugar cane or sugar beets into sugar. The word molasses comes from the Portuguese word melaço, which ultimately comes from mel, the Latin word for "honey".

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1 lump ice

Ingredient: ice

What it is:  Additive
The new general availability of ice in the mid 1800s revolutionized bar-tending and drinking. Ice was delivered in blocks that then had to to be broken, crushed, picked and shaved for increasingly popular individual drinks (as opposed to large punches).

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1 jigger Jamaica rum

Ingredient: Jamaica rum

What it is:  Rum
Generic term for dark rum from Jamaica. Dark rum differs from gold in that some residual molasses is retained in the final product, in order to slightly sweeten the flavor. Very popular in the late 1800s and superior to most New England rums. Modern approximations include Inner Circle, Gosling's Black Seal and Pusser's Navy Rum.

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Medford, or St. Croix
One teaspoonful molasses, one small lump ice, one jigger Jamaica, Medford, or St. Croix rum. Mix well in small bar-glass. Serve.