Classic Mixology: Cocktail & Mixed Drink Recipes

Cherry Brandy

10 pound cherry

Ingredient: cherry

What it is:  Fruit
Fruit of many plants of the genus Prunus. It is a fleshy fruit that contains a single stony seed. The cherry fruits of commerce are usually obtained from a limited number of species, including especially cultivars of the wild cherry,

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1 gallon brandy

Ingredient: brandy

What it is:  Brandy
Brandy (from brandywine, derived from Dutch brandewijn—"burnt wine") is a spirit produced by distilling wine, the wine having first been produced by fermenting grapes. Brandy generally contains 35%–60% alcohol by volume and is typically taken as an after-dinner drink. While some brandies are aged in wooden casks, most are colored with caramel coloring to imitate the effect of such aging.

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2 pound sugar

Ingredient: sugar

What it is:  Additive
Many 19th century recipes specifically called for white sugar, which is more refined and preferred over browner sugars. But modern white sugar is probably too refined, making raw cane sugar the best, easily available choice.

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Ten pounds of ripe wild cherries are freed from their pits, the pits are pulverized, and, with the cherries and one gallon brandy, placed in a demijohn or a covered stone jar for eight weeks. Add two pounds refined sugar, filter through filtering-paper, bottle; but use only after it has been bottled at least six weeks.