Classic Mixology: Cocktail & Mixed Drink Recipes

Pousse Café

In mixing the above drink, which is a favorite drink of the French, and also has become a favorite in this country, great care must be taken. As there are several liquors required in the preparation of this drink, it should be made in a manner that the portions will be perfectly separated from each other, therefore, I would suggest, that a sherry wine glass would be used for pouring in these different Cordials, instead of a tea-?spoon, or the original bottles, as it has a better appearance and takes less time; mix as follows;
17/100 sherry wine glass raspberry syrup

Ingredient: raspberry syrup

What it is:  Syrup
Raspberry and sugar syrup.

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17/100 sherry wine glass maraschino

Ingredient: maraschino

What it is:  Liqueur
Bittersweet, clear liqueur flavored with Marasca cherries, which are grown in Dalmatia, Croatia, mostly around the city of Zadar and in Torreglia (near Padua in Northern Italy).

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17/100 sherry wine glass vanilla (green)

Ingredient: vanilla (green)

What it is:  Additive

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17/100 sherry wine glass Curaçao (red)

Ingredient: Curaçao (red)

Substitution:  bitter Substitution:  orange Substitution:  orange bitters

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17/100 sherry wine glass Chartreuse (yellow)

Ingredient: Chartreuse (yellow)

What it is:  Liqueur

French liqueur composed of distilled alcohol flavored with 130 herbal extracts.

Substitution:  Chartreuse

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17/100 sherry wine glass Cognac

Ingredient: Cognac

What it is:  Brandy

Variety of grape brandy, produced in the wine-growing region surrounding the town of Cognac.

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(Use a Sherry wine glass.)

The above ingredients will fill the glass. (See Illustration, Plate No. 6.)

I would advise any bartender having calls for these drinks often, to place his original bottles containing the different Cordials used in the drink separate in one place, so as to have them follow in the rotation above mentioned; this will avoid mixing up the bottles and trouble. I also have to mention another item of great importance, and that is, that the Cordials used in the above drink differ in weight, for instance, you will find the French Curaçoa to weigh more than the Holland Curaçoa, and so it is different in all Cordials and it is wise for a bartender to find out the different weights and then place them in rotation, in order to avoid mixing up; therefore you cannot depend entirely on the illustration in mixing the drink called Pousse Café.