Classic Mixology: Cocktail & Mixed Drink Recipes

Cozzens's Arrack Punch

Adapted by David Wondrich from F.S. Cozzens, "Wine Press", June 1854.
1 bottle Batavia arrack

Ingredient: Batavia arrack

Also Known As:  Arrack What it is:  Rum

A rum distilled mainly in South Asia and South East Asia from fermented fruit, grain, sugarcane, or the sap of coconut palms. The best came from Indonesia (Jakarta was called Batavia during the Dutch colonial times). Arrack typically has golden amber color, which distinguishes it from the colorless and transparent Middle Eastern arak.

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6 lemon

Ingredient: lemon

What it is:  Fruit
Common name for Citrus limon.

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in thin slices
1 quart water

Ingredient: water

What it is:  Additive
Ubiquitous chemical substance that is composed of hydrogen and oxygen and is essential for all forms of life -- also a component of all drinks.

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1 pound loaf sugar

Ingredient: loaf sugar

Also Known As:  sugarloaf What it is:  Additive
Traditional form in which refined sugar was produced and sold until the late 19th century when granulated and cube sugars were introduced. A tall cone with a rounded top, it was the end product of a process that saw the dark molasses-rich raw sugar, which had been imported from sugar cane growing regions such as the Caribbean and Brazil, refined into white sugar. Raw cane sugar the best, easily available substitute.

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To one bottle of old Batavia arrack, add six lemons, in thin slices, and let them steep for six hours. Take them out very carefully, without squeezing. To one quart of boiling water add one pound of loaf sugar. When the sugar is dissolved, add the hot solution to the arrack. Be sure to remove the lemons first.

Note: The result is sweet and can be further diluted with water.