Classic Mixology: Cocktail & Mixed Drink Recipes


1 wine-glass Curaçao

Ingredient: Curaçao

Also Known As:  Curaçoa What it is:  Bitters

Liqueur flavored with the dried peels of the laraha citrus fruit, grown on the island of Curaçao.  Earlier versions were based on brandy or rum but now use neutral spirits.

Substitution:  Triple sec

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1 pint simple syrup

Ingredient: simple syrup

Also Known As:  sugar syrup What it is:  Syrup
Simple 1:1 or 2:1 ratio of sugar and water, boiled then cooled. Used an efficient substitute when drinks call for dissolving sugar; has the added benefit of not diluting the drink. Better flavor comes from using raw cane sugar even though it makes darker syrup than very refined white sugar.

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Put a wine-glass of Curacoa into a pint of clarified syrup, shake them well together, and pour it into the proper sized bottles. A tea-spoonful in a glass of fair water makes a pleasant eau sucré, see No. 346 "Manual for the Manufacture of Cordials, etc.," at the end of this book.