Classic Mixology: Cocktail & Mixed Drink Recipes

Alice Cocktail

Source:  Recipes for Mixed Drinks page:  6
1/2 Italian vermouth

Ingredient: Italian vermouth

What it is:  Vermouth

Fortified wine, flavored with aromatic herbs and spices ("aromatized" in the trade) such as cardamom, cinn

Substitution:  vermouth

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1/2 Kümmel

Ingredient: Kümmel

Also Known As:  Kimmel What it is:  Liqueur

A sweet, colorless liqueur flavored with caraway seed, cumin, and fennel. According to the Dutch, kümmel liqueur was first distilled in Holland during the late 16th century by Lucas Bols. It was then taken to Germany and Russia; the latter is now the principal producer and consumer of kümmel.

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calls for Russian Kummel
1 dash Scotch whisky

Ingredient: Scotch whisky

Also Known As:  Scotch What it is:  Whiskey
Whisky made in Scotland, divided into four distinct categories: single malt, vatted malt (also called "pure malt"), blended and single grain. Malt whisky must contain no grain other than malted barley and is traditionally distilled in pot stills. Older recipes typically call for strong, smokey single malt Scotch. By the early 1900s blended Scotch was more often used.

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Shake well in a mixing glass with cracked ice, strain and serve.