Classic Mixology: Cocktail & Mixed Drink Recipes

George Cocktail

3 dash pepsin bitters

Ingredient: pepsin bitters

What it is:  Bitters

Defunct bitters no longer available. One source suggests that pepsin bitters might have contributed to the flavor and name of Dr Pepper, an American soft drink.

Substitution:  Angostura bitters

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1 jigger Old Tom Gin

Ingredient: Old Tom Gin

What it is:  Gin

A lightly sweetened Gin popular in 18th-century England that now is rarely available.

Substitution:  gin (London Dry)

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1 piece lemon

Ingredient: lemon

What it is:  Fruit
Common name for Citrus limon.

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Mixing-​glass half-​full fine ice, three dashes pepsin bitters, one jigger Tom gin. Mix and strain into cocktail-​glass. Add a piece of twisted lemon-peel.