Classic Mixology: Cocktail & Mixed Drink Recipes

Stinger–Country Club Style

1 jigger Old Brandy

Ingredient: Old Brandy

Also Known As:  V.S.O.P or X.O. brandy What it is:  Brandy
Spirit produced by distilling wine, the wine having first been produced by fermenting grapes. When used generically, "brandy" typically refers to grape brandy. Old brandy has been aged at least three years and is typically labeled V.S.O.P or X.O.

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1 pony glass Crème de menthe (white)

Ingredient: Crème de menthe (white)

What it is:  Liqueur

A sweet, mint-flavored alcoholic beverage with flavor primarily derived from corsican mint. Available commercially in a colorless (called "white") and a green version (which obtains its color from the mint leaves or from the addition of coloring, if extract and not the leaves are used to make the liqueur). Both varieties have similar flavors and are interchangeable in recipes, except where the color is important.

Substitution:  Crème de menthe (green)

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Use a large Mixing glass; fill with Lump Ice.

[Add ingredients.] Shake well; strain into Cocktail glass and serve.