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Comstock Saloon

Great Venues: Comstock Saloon

155 Columbus Avenue, San Francisco CA 94133 United States {map}

"There’s no greater confirmation that the age of the byzantine cocktail and its apron-clad ministers has mellowed than the fact that the long-awaited bar from the mix maestros Jeff Hollinger and Jonny (Flash) Raglin will de-emphasize cocktails.

"For years, this team has sustained Absinthe as the city’s most opulent temple of the cocktail. But when I asked Mr. Raglin about the beverage theme of their new project, the Comstock Saloon, set to open in a week or so, he answered, a bit sheepishly: 'We don’t want to do a cocktail program. We’re not out to be the antithesis of the movement, but we kind of are.' "

–Jordan Mackay (April 15, 2010), New York Times [link to article]

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