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Ratafia of raspberries

Ratafias. Every liqueur made by infusions is called ratifia that Is, when the spirit is made to imbibe thoroughly the aromatic flavor and color of the fruit steeped in it: when this has taken place, the liqueur is drawn off, and sugar added to it; it is then filtered and bottled. See recipe No. 306 in "The Manual for the Manufacture of Cordials, etc.," in the latter part of this work. [incorporated here]
12 pound raspberry

Ingredient: raspberry

What it is:  Fruit
Fruit of a multitude of plant species in the subgenus Idaeobatus of the genus Rubus; the name also applies to these plants themselves. The name originally referred to the European species Rubus idaeus (with red fruit) still used as its standard English name.

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20 pound sugar

Ingredient: sugar

What it is:  Additive
Many 19th century recipes specifically called for white sugar, which is more refined and preferred over browner sugars. But modern white sugar is probably too refined, making raw cane sugar the best, easily available choice.

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4 1/2 gallon water

Ingredient: water

What it is:  Additive
Ubiquitous chemical substance that is composed of hydrogen and oxygen and is essential for all forms of life -- also a component of all drinks.

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4 gallon alcohol

Ingredient: alcohol

Also Known As:  ethanol What it is:  Neutral spirit
Ethanol is a colorless, volatile liquid with a mild odor which can be obtained by the fermentation of sugars.

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12 lbs. of raspberries, the juice of them boiled for 5 minutes with 20 lbs. of sugar; dissolve in 4 1/2 gallons of water; strain, add 4 gallons of alcohol, 95 per cent. Filter.