Classic Mixology: Cocktail & Mixed Drink Recipes

Black Stripe

1 wine-glass Santa Cruz rum

Ingredient: Santa Cruz rum

Also Known As:  Virgin Island rum, St Croix What it is:  Rum
Rum produced in Saint Croix in the U.S. Virgin Islands. Typically light rums with a sharp flavor.

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1 table-spoon molasses

Ingredient: molasses

What it is:  Additive
Byproduct of the processing of sugar cane or sugar beets into sugar. The word molasses comes from the Portuguese word melaço, which ultimately comes from mel, the Latin word for "honey".

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(Use small bar glass.)

This drink can either be made in summer or winter: if in the former season, mix in 1 table-spoonful of water, and cool with shaved ice; if in the latter, fill up the tumbler with boiling water. Grate a little nutmeg on top.