Classic Mixology: Cocktail & Mixed Drink Recipes

Gin and Wormwood

3 to 4 sprig wormwood

Ingredient: wormwood

What it is:  Herb
Artemisia absinthium is a species of wormwood, native to temperate regions of Eurasia and northern Africa. It is an ingredient in the liquor absinthe, and also used for flavouring in some other spirits and wines, including bitters, vermouth and pelinkovac. It is also an additional ingredient to mint tea in moroccan tea culture.

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1 quart gin (Jenever)

Ingredient: gin (Jenever)

Also Known As:  Holland gin, , Dutch gin, Genever What it is:  Gin

Also called Holland Gin or Genever, it is a juniper-flavored and strongly alcoholic traditional liquor of the Netherlands, Belgium and Northern France, from which gin evolved.

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(Use small bar glass.)

Put three or four sprigs of wormwood into a quart decanter, and fill up with gin.

The above three drinks are not much used except in small country villages.