Classic Mixology: Cocktail & Mixed Drink Recipes


1/3 sherry wine glass vanilla (extract)

Ingredient: vanilla (extract)

What it is:  Additive
Flavoring derived from orchids of the genus Vanilla native to Mexico. Vanilla extract is an alcoholic or occasionally glycerol solution, both pure and imitation forms of vanilla contain at least 35% alcohol.

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1 egg

Ingredient: egg

What it is:  Additive
Bird eggs are a common food and one of the most versatile ingredients used in cooking and have long been used in drinks. Usually used to add consistency and foam, egg whites and yolks are usually separated with "silver" indicating the white and "golden" the yolk. Modern chicken eggs are much larger, so use the smallest ones available.

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(the yolk only)

Ingredient: Bénédictine

What it is:  Liqueur

Herbal liqueur invented by Alexandre Legrand (who later changed his name later to Alexandre Le Grand) in the 19th century and produced in France. The recipe contains 27 plants and spices.

Substitution:  Chartreuse Substitution:  Chartreuse (yellow)

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to cover the egg
1/3 sherry wine glass Kirschwasser

Ingredient: Kirschwasser

Also Known As:  Kirsch What it is:  Brandy
Clear, colorless fruit brandy traditionally made from double distillation of morellos, a dark-colored cultivar of the sour cherry. Less sweet than other cherry brandies it is often served cold in a small glass as an apéritif. It's also used in mixed drinks.

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or Cognac
4 to 6 drop Boker's bitters

Ingredient: Boker's bitters

What it is:  Bitters
Brand of proprietary, aromatic bitters no longer available. Appears mostly in 19th century cocktail books. Other barnds such as Angostura or Fee Brothers can be used as substitutes.

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(Use a Sherry wine glass.)

Particular care must be taken with the above drink, the same as with Pousse Café, to prevent the liquors from running into each other, so that the yolk of the egg, and the different liquors are kept separated from each other.