Classic Mixology: Cocktail & Mixed Drink Recipes

Bartender's Manual or How To Mix Drinks of the Present Style

by Harry Johnson

New York: Harry Johnson, 1888

Bartender's Manual or How To Mix Drinks of the Present Style Bartender's Manual or How To Mix Drinks of the Present Style


In presenting this manual to the public, I beg the indulgence for making a few remarks in regard to myself. Having been in the Hotel and Liquor business in various capacities since my boyhood, I was enabled to study its practice and management in regard to drinks, etc., and having travelled all over this and other countries in order to learn and obtain the different styles of mixed drinks, I have after careful preparation, time and expense succeeded in compiling this work and I challenge any party to criticise it and find one recipe which is not fully and completely prepared. This work is written in a very plain language, so as to have it useful for everyone; I have always been employed in some of the most prominent, leading and first-class Hotels and Barrooms, in this city as well as in other large cities, and in all parts of the United States and other countries, from all of which I have the very highest letters of recommendation as to my complete knowledge and ability in managing a Barroom or Hotel, etc., and in preparing and mixing drinks of every kind and form in the latest style. I have described and illustrated in a plain, straightforward manner, that is understood all over the world all the popular Mixed Drinks, Cocktails, Punches, Juleps and other fancy drinks, etc., etc. In addition this book will give you an entire and complete list of instructions, to be observed in attending a bar, in conducting yourself, in opening a Saloon in the morning, how to serve and wait on customers, and " the various details connected with the business, so that any person who contemplates entering the business of a bartender, has a complete and valuable guide, and illustrations to guide him. In this work you will also find a complete list of all the bar utensils, as well as a complete list of Liquors; Glass- and Silverware, Mixtures, etc., that you require, and the different brands of beverages you will need, and how to use them. Also a large number of valuable hints and information to bartenders, in what manner to compile them, and in fact every item that is of any use whatever from the moment you become a bartender, to the requirements of each day. Even people thoroughly experienced and competent in this business, will find this book, after a careful examination, to be as handy to them as to any new beginner. I have also made it my profession for many years back to teach the art of attending a bar to any party having an inclination to learn; in past years I have taught a great number of parties the profession in the latest style and in the most scientific manner, and I can with pnde refer to them as to my fitness as an instructor of bartending. In conclusion let me say, that this work will not only be very valuable to the entire profession it is intended for, but will prove to be of great advantage to all families and the public in general, as a complete guide in preparing and teaching the art of mixing drinks and attending a bar.

Furthermore, as to the style and the art of mixing (see illustrations, plates 1 and 3), this work will contain nothing but the most respectable reading matter, I remain,

Your obedient servant,