Classic Mixology: Cocktail & Mixed Drink Recipes

Modern American Drinks

by George J Kappeler

Akron, Ohio: Saalfield Publishing Co., 1900

Modern American Drinks Modern American Drinks

The recipes contained in this book are for the proper mixing of all kinds of drinks, such as Absinthes, Cocktails, Cups, Crustas, Cobblers, Coolers, Egg-Noggs, Fixes, Fizzes, Flips, Juleps, Lemonades, Punches, Pousse Café, Frozen Beverages, etc., etc. The formulas are simple, practical and easy to follow, and are especially intended for use in first-class Hotels, Clubs, Buffets, and Barrooms, where, if adopted and concocted according to directions given, they will be entirely satisfactory to the caterer and pleasing to the consumer, the latter of whom will immediately notice a marked improvement in his favorite beverage.